Monday morning…

Something about the phrase “Monday morning” suggests a return to normality – back to work, back to school, picking up home-based routines…  Very often it is far from that.  When unexpected, tragic or tumultuous events take place over a weekend,  Monday morning can mean waking up to a major discontinuity.  My thoughts and prayers this morning are very much with the family and friends of Rev. David Gamble whose death was announced at the weekend.  A great loss to Methodism and all who knew him, David combined a deep commitment to the most serious aspects of faith and life with a brilliance in communication and a very light touch.  He worked hard for the protection of the vulnerable in many contexts; when he became President of Conference I offered him a “Thursdays in Black” T-shirt; he graciously replied, “I’m really not a T-shirt man, but I do wear black every Thursday and will continue to do so”.

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader on Saturday signals a political upheaval on a grand scale – what an exciting few months it has been!  I wonder how he felt when he woke up on this Monday morning?  Hardly a “back to normal” day for him!  Already the media are trying to persuade us that his election has split the party, but, as he makes moves towards a more consensual, more participatory and more just sort of politics I wish him well.

ClydebankFor the eighteen of us who renewed our Covenant at Anniesland Methodist Church yesterday morning, this Monday morning is an opportunity to put into practice the solemn words of commitment we spoke; “We are no longer our own, but yours…”; the cross (outside another church in the circuit, Clydebank) sums up that sort of commitment.

For the next few weeks at least, “Monday morning” will mean a day off for Andrew as he tries a new work pattern – so today we have much to ponder on our train journey to Fort William… Jill


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