St Ninian’s Day

Today, 16th September, is St. Ninian’s Day… or so I discovered when I started doing a little research into this saint.  Not much is known about him, in comparison to later figures such as Aidan and Cuthbert, but he is generally regarded as the first to have brought the Christian faith to Britain, in around 397AD when he established a religious community at Whithorn in Galloway.  My reason for researching his life has sprung from my involvement with pilgrimage.  I am very grateful to Methodist Women in Britain for setting me off on a journey of discovery about pilgrimage as I came to the end of my official roles in the movement.  Following Peter’s death I needed to discover new ways of connecting with God, a new spirituality which was about creation and landscape and wide horizons and movement… pilgrimage has been a Godsend.

Last month I took another group to Lindisfarne – my fifth time along that route (but I still worry about losing the way!) and two more Lindisfarne pilgrimages will shortly be advertised on the MWiB website for 2016.  But at the same time I am beginning to research a new route here in Scotland, which is where St. Ninian comes in – so watch this space!

Wherever your journey is taking you at this time, may you know the pilgrim God at your side.  Jill


3 thoughts on “St Ninian’s Day

    • i think you know that Peter`s brother Peter is interesting in establishing a St Ninian’s way. Contact me if you need his details. Janice


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