Getting to know you

When Andrew was a student minister in Keynsham (way back in 1991-3) he learned a great deal from the “real” minister, John Carne, including the simple but extremely helpful idea of holding “getting to know you” sessions after arriving in a new circuit.  So on a series of afternoons or evenings we have been inviting the members of Andrew’s four Glasgow congregations for a cup of tea and a piece of cake (I’ve dug out my old recipe for Selkirk Bannock!) and some conversation.  On each of four occasions (so far) we have had a small group who have been willing to share something of their story with us and with one another.  This has helped us all to get to know one another better and grounded all these new faces and new names in the ups and downs of life.  We have shared our story too, with its joys and sorrows, and have received such warmth and welcome.  Glaswegian Methodists are certainly living up to the reputation this city has for extraordinary friendliness.

22.9.15.Meanwhile the weather continues to belie all the grim prophecies we heard concerning leaving the sunny South East for the Frozen North.  Once again today we have had HOT sunshine and managed a couple of hours in the garden before the folk arrived.  Things are beginning to shape up… just hope the new plants survive the winter.  Following the Mahonia saga , our latest battle has been with another favourite plant.  An Agapanthus originally given to me in the Isles of Scilly was definitely in need of re-potting, but it was very, very unwilling to move from the comfort zone of its old pot.  Over two days it took all our strength, several hours and (in the end) vigorous sawing by Andrew with the bread knife (!) before it popped out.  Perhaps we all have something of the “stay-put” tendency sometimes; in church as well?  Jill


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