Woman at the Well

I sat in a room at Partick Methodist Church with a group of people enthusiastic about the good news of Jesus.  There was a good banter, stimulating conversation about a piece of research Gary had done on sharing God’s love in five disadvantaged communities – and David seemed to stop us in our tracks.  He pointed out that in the encounter in John 4 between Jesus and the woman at the well, Jesus asked the woman for something before he offered her anything.  What a thought for any of us who are sharing in Jesus’ ministry.  Not what I can do for you, but putting myself in a place where I can receive from you first.

I have been thinking then about how much I have received from encounters with people on buses, trains, in a bookshop, in shops (and even in churches) since we came to Glasgow.  I have received so much from colleagues in ministry.

Perhaps the God-encounters are enabled when we invite others to do something for us – is there something there about allowing ourselves to become vulnerable – and so showing the character of God in Christ.  Still more pondering to come perhaps.  Thanks, David.  Thanks to that unnamed woman at the well.

Peace.  Andrew


2 thoughts on “Woman at the Well

  1. Like that idea. Is there also something about making the woman feel she had a place, that she was important? And people being more at ease when they feel they have something to offer rather than just being ‘done to’?


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