Darkness and dazzling

So much seems to have happened since I last reflected here… we always note that September in a new appointment seems a long month; surely we have reached the 49th not just the 29th today?  I have travelled both south and north – a meeting in London on Friday (which involved getting up in the dark and catching the 5:40am train from Glasgow) and a day trip to Dundee yesterday (which thankfully went ahead despite total chaos on the Scottish railway lines north of that city, after a major derailment).  On the journey home we were treated to one of the most dazzling sunsets I have ever seen.

It felt strange to be back in London and to know, strongly, that I was not at home there any more.  I enjoyed the bright lights and the buzz, as I always do, but I missed the Glasgow accents.  My journey home, mostly in the dark, was marked by the kindness of strangers; an elderly woman on the train had fallen asleep and missed her stop in Preston.  From there the train was not scheduled to stop again until its final, late, terminus in Glasgow.  On discovering the situation the Glaswegians around her promised to look after her and take her to a hotel but then the guard excelled even this kindness, arranging for a very brief stop at Carlisle so she could disembark and be connected with the last train south!  She loudly exclaimed, “There is still some good in this world!” – and so there is!

Many of us have been watching the skies more than usual this week.  I spent a couple of hours lying on the bedroom floor so I could watch the amazing sight of the Supermoon gradually being swallowed up in shadow, glowing red, and then returning again.  Since my photo of this momentous event is simply a black rectangle with the smallest of bright dots on it, I won’t be posting that.

27.9.15 (16)Instead, the dazzle of a new witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia “Arnold Promise”) which we have just planted – one of my father’s favourite plants.  After the autumnal glow of this burning bush has gone, we can look forward to the mystical brightness of yellow blooms in the new year… we hope.   I have always loved John Donne’s prayer which anticipates our final awakening into a world with “no darkness nor dazzling but one equal light” but I’m now beginning to think that it is darkness and dazzling which makes life so interesting.  Jill


One thought on “Darkness and dazzling

  1. What an amazing thing all this technology is..so glad I discovered it! Reading your stories and thoughts made me feel ‘at home’ in a strange way.


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