Advent Proclaimers in Strathclyde

The diary Andrew inherited for the Strathclyde circuit had a Local Preachers’ meeting fixed for 1st December – that date had to be changed because we had tickets for a very different event on 1st; a performance (I think “gig” might be the right word in fact) at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall by The Proclaimers!  That was a terrific evening – so good to be in a place with lots of people really enjoying themselves – old and young danced, clapped, sang along, listened quietly, cheered and hugged.  Songs ranged from the very moving “Shadows Fall” to the moment everyone had been waiting for when we all stood up and walked 500 miles (and 500 more)!

Advent displaySo the Local Preachers’ meeting took place last night instead – but was it so very different an experience after all?  Again I felt that I was in a room with people who were glad to be there as we all shared words and images we associate with this Advent season.  I had taken along a few purple bits and pieces (of course) and items were added by others to the display – including an alarm clock; a timely reminder of the urgency of the season.  Discussion on the words suggested was inspiring, with a sense that we were all walking an Advent journey together – a journey of 27 days perhaps, rather than 500 miles.   Shadows fell on the meeting too – we shared some needs for prayer and were very aware that we were meeting as members of parliament were discussing military action in Syria…  After a period of silence everyone shared a short prayer for the Advent season – what creative and inspiring sentences flowed.  I wish I had been able to write them all down to publish – sadly I only have mine:

“Lead us Lord, step by step, through this Advent night until the dawn breaks from on high”.

Maybe we should change the name of the Local Preachers’ Meeting to “The Strathclyde Proclaimers”!?  Jill


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