Climate change

Climate change

…is rightly in the news a great deal at present with international hopes that the Paris agreement might be in time to make a difference to those whose lives and livelihoods are under real threat.  Within MWiB (and before that WFM&UCW) we have been focussing on the Millennium Development Goals and now the Sustainable Development Goals for over a decade, but progress is slow.

Here in the UK too we are seeing extraordinary weather – I see that Achnagart in the Scottish Highlands was both the warmest and the wettest place in the UK yesterday reaching 15.2 C and having 47.6mm of rain!  I also keep my eye on the weather in Clachtoll, the little hamlet in the far NW of Scotland where we spent the whole of May and June this year – day after day through December it has been warmer than it was at any time during those “summer” months!

On top of these nationally and internationally observed patterns, we have had our own personal climate change by moving from Slough to Glasgow! Just behind our house the main road dips and the drains there struggle to cope with the amount of water which collects; the pavement is completely underwater now and we are thinking of renaming the house “Lochside”!  (If it ever stops raining I’ll take a photo to share here!)

94. Judean WildernessOf course it is all too easy to complain about the weather, and especially about rain.  In Chateaubelair we often sang a chorus which began “Send down the rain” – for in a tropical, agricultural society, rain is a blessing – as it is in the lands of the Bible.   So, as the rain continues to fall here in Glasgow, I am training myself to see it as a sign of blessing and to pray that justice and grace, as well as water, may flow in Glasgow, in the Caribbean, in Israel/Palestine and around the world.  Jill

LochsidePS Lochside photo now added as the sun came out mid-morning!


3 thoughts on “Climate change

  1. Having woken up, finished my chores and been ‘chastised lightly’ for flippancy – I wanted to thank Jill for the photograph on the road to Jericho. Brought back memories that still bring alive stories like ‘The Good Samaritan’ but also reminded me of the ‘story’ comment on the way to that view as we saw the old road/paths meandering between the dunes which provided much needed shade. The way might well be seen as ‘the valley of death as the same dunes that provided needed shade also provided shelter for ambush by robbers’.

    A reminder this Christmas Season of how how Lord is our constant companion – having trod the way, He knows the ‘dangers’ and can lead us beside still waters.

    Apologies for ‘hot air’ – we really do enjoy Andrew’s preaching.



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