Dayspring from on high, draw near…

“Day spring from on high, draw near, day star in our hearts appear”

Evocative words from Charles Wesley’s hymn, Christ whose glory fills the skies  which seems, on re-reading, to be the perfect hymn for today, the Winter Solstice, when we have only around seven hours of daylight.  Already this morning I feel flooded with the powerful symbolism of light and darkness; today’s Advent poem in “Waiting for the Word” is Malcolm Guite’s own sonnet for the Advent Antiphon “O Oriens“, the rich layers of which I commend on this dark morning.

Knaresborough lightThen another email popped into my inbox, with this amazing photo taken by Christine, my mother-in-law, as she looked out of her bedroom window in Knaresborough a short time ago.

To add another dimension to this sensual epiphany, I am now listening to the beautiful motet “O Radiant Dawn” by Scottish composer, James Macmillan  as well…  If I don’t hurry up and get on with the day, I will have lost all the hours of light in poetic raptures!

My favourite Caribbean memory about dawn is undoubtedly the time when I was accidentally left behind after a mission on a small neighbouring island (a long story) and, having been billeted overnight in the rather unwelcoming, empty apartment of a casual acquaintance, found myself sitting on the small balcony from 4am next morning, waiting, longing, straining for the day to break and bring a boat to take me home!  O radiant dawn!



3 thoughts on “Dayspring from on high, draw near…

  1. So pleased to assume you have conquered ‘Everest’ also known as the East Kilbride roundabout system.
    We had a lovely Sunday at St Mary’s in the morning and then the Episcopal Church at night for Lessons and Carols. Bonus – Home in time to vote for Andy Murray!!!!

    Dunbar Methodist is coming together with St Anne’s Episcopal – not sure if temporary but will find out!

    Thanks for ‘New Every Morning’ it adds so much. Olive’s friend, and mine, was a minister at Chirnside and as retired to Knaresborough (Duncan and Celia Murray)! small world




  2. Oh I just love ‘O Radiant Dawn’ – especially the ‘come, come’ bit; sends shivers down my spine! Have just bought the Sixteen singing ALL the Strathclyde Motets. Love dark winter mornings too I’m afraid – definitely a northern hemisphere person!

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