Why don’t we just call it Christmas…?

“Why don’t we just call it Christmas…?”

…I found myself shouting at the radio yesterday when “Broadcasting House” (a programme I usually enjoy very much, whenever our Sunday schedule allows time to listen to it) was inviting suggestions for what to call the period “between Christmas and New Year”!  Sadly, year by year, we seem to losing any idea of Christmas as a twelve-day festival, continuing until twelfth night on 5th January, and followed immediately with the wonderful  Feast of the Epiphany on 6th.  Decorations disappear alarmingly quickly and people look somewhat surprised to be greeted with “Happy Christmas”  even by today – try it and see!


So, for those who like the full-fat version of Christmas, I share a photo from a few years ago of Peter on the final day of the festivities, enjoying the candles which we light each day from 25th December to 5th January – the family tradition is to name something we have done, or someone we have seen or something we have eaten on each of the days, as the corresponding candle is lit.  Why not try that too!

If you possibly can (and I do realise some people have to go to work) enjoy the 4th day of Christmas, and the eight still to come… Jill


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