Back to Glasgow

20160111_172108There has been a silence from north of the border: we retreated for a week to Perthshire to explore the Highlands in the winter.  We found a remarkable retreat in the Mackintosh Building in Comrie and enjoyed discovering a village which was very much alive in January.  We could buy our steak pie, check the internet while supping delicious hot chocolate at the cafe and found the earthquake house (the smallest listed building in Britain), where a seismograph records tremors all round the world.

20160114_102325However the highlight of the week was to be able to walk in fresh snow in stunning sunshine, gasping at the light, the patterns formed by the snow on the trees.  It was energising, refreshing, and we caught something of the wonder of a snowy world amongst the hills of Scotland.

I managed to read 2 books:  Alistair’s Moffats recent history of Scotland and Anthony Doerr’s All the light we cannot see.  A real joy to sample two contrasting volumes, which left me exhausted but inspired.  This was a really good holiday.

Yet it was time to come home yesterday.  There are people to visit, meetings to chair, the circuit to lead.  The holiday has contributed to the rhythm of life: with time to reflect, grieve, give thanks, connect with a world of beauty.  Now it is back to a different pace of life: the challenges and expectations of circuit ministry.  This is the ebb and flow of life.  Rhythm . . . it is a good word, holding in itself a sense of wholeness, of fulness of life.

I return to Glasgow ready to walk its streets, engage with its people.  We pulled away for a short season and have a new energy to seize the day again.  It is good to be Back in Glasgow.


A few more photos:





3 thoughts on “Back to Glasgow

  1. Really glad to hear you are back: we will be able to cancel the ‘wreath’. A bit of a shame in one way as I had composed a beauitful funeral oration for Jill and found something suitable to say about you!
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your break and packed so much in. We have just completed our Bible Study on ‘Fruitfulness in the Frontline’ and in two weeks are starting a ‘Lent study’ based on ‘The Theory of Everything and an accompanying book – so nice to enjoy and not have to plan!

    However starting preaching (to help out) four out of the next five weeks at Cockburnspath and three others having preached last week at St Mary’s – then a lie down in a darkened room.
    Tomorrow we are going to a black tie dinner on ‘An Arnold Schwarzenegger Experience- In Edinburgh EICC! Tickets over £100 each! – needless to say I won in an Edinburgh Life competition: Hope I’m not ‘terminated’.

    As you see we are both well and I have not improved.

    Blessings to both.

    Jim and Olive


  2. Your retreat sounds wonderful! Well done that you were able to take that opportunity. I can tell that it was just what you both needed. Every blessing on you as you both return to your ministries in Glasgow. Gillian x PS I miss your beans on toast!


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