Between Gertrude and Henry

Between Gertrude and Henry…

…sounds like a stage direction from a farce!  Maybe it is!  It is also where we are at the moment in Scotland and parts of Ireland, England and Wales – drawing breath after Storm Gertrude and holding it in anticipation of Storm Henry on Monday!  Andrew and I have not suffered any damage or danger so we are amongst the lucky ones.  As we sleep directly under Velux windows we were very aware of the torrential rain during the night on Thursday and woke on Friday morning to find our garden furniture creatively scattered around the patio, but many  suffered real damage or lost electricity in the storm – no joke on cold, wet, dark mornings.

20160129_104221Yesterday morning I listened to the Radio 4 “Act of Worship” led on that occasion by Rev. Dr. Mark Wakelin – known to many of us in the Methodist church (& beyond).  He spoke about the dark, cold winter (even using the Scottish term, “dreich”!) but went to to point towards Spring, towards light after darkness, hope after despair.  Positive words.  Then in a brief sunny interval I set out to walk to the local shop and was delighted to notice a few tiny Iris Reticulata blooming in the front borders.  Even though it was sleeting viciously by the time I came home, they still cheered me – a harbinger of longer, warmer days to come.

Sometimes it is only in very tiny things that we can find courage and grace in the winter storms of life.  But, as I remember a minister from my teenage years quoting often, are we not called (by Zechariah I think) to “despise not the day of small things”?   Keep warm. Jill


3 thoughts on “Between Gertrude and Henry

  1. I always look forward to your ‘blog’. We too are cheered by the harbingers of spring – we have already rescued five daffodils from the storms and they enhance our fireeplace with their cheery yellowness and a lot of snowdrops! mind you not all tiny things are welcome – midges for one. we are embarking on a Bible Study for Lent based on ‘The Theory of Everything’ and it is proving exciting – even before we get stared: bringing back memories of my science degree and marvelling at the ability of science to revel in uncertainty (Faith) and celebrating discovering their ‘theory’ was wrong but they have a better on! and disparaging theology which seems to me to discover ever new depths and revelations which confirm the long standing ‘theory of God’; if they but tried their faith (theories) to God how richly they would be blessed.
    Blessings to both,
    Jim and Olive xx

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  2. Glad you are untouched by the storms – so sorry for those who are not so fortunate. We’ve been doing the RSPB Garden Birdwatch this weekend and been fascinated by the great variety of small things with wings in our garden. I did have to persuade Andrew that he couldn’t count the chickens though….!

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  3. Glad to know that you are OK – I had been wondering how you were faring.

    Re Connie’s comments – our RSPB Garden Birdwatch was literally a wash out! I think all our birds were sheltering hopefully somewhere safe.

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