Another journey begins

Another journey begins…

…could well introduce the saga of yesterday.  At 4am I travelled by car from home to Glasgow Central Station (Andrew being a hero at such a silly time) then by coach to Carlisle and train to London.  That leg all went very smoothly, London seemed positively spring-like despite the wind with daffodils and even magnolia in bloom.  The meeting I was attending (the Board of Studies appointed to oversee the new training course for Worship Leaders and Preachers within the Methodist Church) was so interesting that there was no danger of nodding off!

Back to Euston for 3:30pm – all went well until just north of Watford where Storm Imogen had blown plastic sheeting onto the overhead wires (apparently – I didn’t see this) so we had a slight delay – nothing serious.  At Preston things went badly wrong;  we were stationary there for over an hour before being told our train was cancelled and we should wait for replacement buses.  It seemed incredible to me that there were so many people wanting to travel between Preston and Lancaster on a Monday evening… coach after coach was summoned and filled, but the queue still wound on for miles (about 200 yards).  Eventually I climbed onto a coach which drove through wind and wave (sort of) to Lancaster – back onto a train there and off to Carlisle where more coaches awaited for the last stage, finally arriving back at Glasgow Central around 11:30pm.  Once again my knight in shining Focus was there and we were home for midnight.  Oh welcome bed.

But in fact, today’s title is really referring to the Lenten journey which begins again tomorrow.  This year it comes hard on the heels of the Christmas season, we have had very little time in which to be “ordinary”.  So it’s back into purple tomorrow for me and the house, which helps to remind me that we are in a season of restraint, confession, preparation and simplicity.  Sounds good.  Up here in Scotland I am getting the feeling that “giving something up for Lent” is pretty suspect and associated more with the Roman Catholic Church than with sober Protestants, but I may well risk it nonetheless, pondering that self-control is a gift of the Spirit which occasionally needs exercising lest it wither away.   But I agree with those who say that “taking something up for Lent” is probably more important.  I will certainly be taking up Malcolm Guite’s Lent book of poems, “The Word in the wilderness” but still have a nagging feeling I should also be doing something which might do someone else a bit of good… What are you going to be doing as we travel the Lenten road over the next 6+ weeks?   Jill

PS Relevant to none of the above, but so beautiful I want to share it; here, in a rare shaft of sunlight today, is our Hamamelis Arnold Promise blooming away in the wilderness of mud which is currently our back garden

Witch Hazel

























4 thoughts on “Another journey begins

  1. Always a treat – your blog. Enjoying new image of ‘The Knight in Shining Armour’ – presumably wit ‘Ra Big Hat!
    Loved the reminders of spring – we have daffodils in sunny Dunny and signs of life all round.
    Time of reminiscence – with a friend just back from The Land of the Holy One (WE are contemplating going Back!!!!)
    Our Lent started early!!! with our Bible Study on ‘The Theory of Everything’ – really stretching and ‘life-changing’!!! Driven me back to theological studies and a re-emphasis on ‘remembrance customs / things! (Our latest a thin red crocheted line outside to remind us ‘To whom we belong and whom we serve’ (The Guild Motto) and hopefully a talking point with visitors!!!) We are looking at ‘Taking something up for Lent tomorrow – having ‘celebrated’ Shrove Tuesday at Bible Study.
    Thanks for all your sharing

    Love to both from both

    Jim and Olive

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  2. I am reading ‘The Journey’ by John Pritchard plus the Archbishop of Canterbury’s 2016 Lent Book ‘I am with you’ by Kathleen Greene McCreight (a meditation on God’s presence, light and darkness, in the context of the Offices of the Benedictine day). As I never stop reading anyway those are not any kind of penance! Also doing Christian Aid’s ‘Count your Blessings’ – a chance to think and pray about instances of hardship and injustice and also do something (even though it’s very little) while counting my blessings.

    And arbitrarily, and totally inconsequentially, I have decided now is the time to knuckle down and try to learn to play the clarinet I bought when I retired over three years ago! Don’t think that will be of benefit to anyone except me – may even be to the detriment of the neighbours!

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  3. Sorry for late comment although I already knew about your horrendous journey. I share your dilema over Lent and will try again to find the Christian aid ‘count your blessings’ which last year was very thought provoking and just right for lent

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