A week of contrasts

A week of contrasts…

Some of you will have already seen these two photos on Twitter this week:


MagnoliasEven though I took them both, I still can hardly believe that they were on consecutive days! On Monday, Andrew’s day off, we set off very early, were stirred by an amazing sunrise, and did some wonderful walking in Perthshire in deep snow…

…On Tuesday I caught the train to London for a series of meetings (both church and social) over three days, and found myself walking from Euston to Methodist Church House under magnolias in bloom!

Another photo I couldn’t resist taking was this one of the train on which I came home yesterday – having spent three days meeting with lots of different people to share ideas, conversation and food, I felt it was a most appropriately-named train!


Less happily, another contrast this week was to see two disturbing “tweets” about hare coursing – one incident in Shropshire, one in Perthshire.  Having marvelled at a hare during our walk to Lindisfarne earlier this month, I felt so sad that people could seek to destroy such beautiful animals.

I didn’t manage to take a photo of the hare we saw, but tried to paint one myself – in words:

I saw a hare on Tuesday.

Startled by a train’s whistle it bolted from the hedge,

raced across the field with strong grace,

following its own, hidden, straight rails,

pausing once to look around,

then streaking to fresh cover.

This brief intermezzo in a day’s walking

brought energy to my muscles,

gladness to my mind,

a smile to my lips.

How long is it since I had seen a hare?

Had I lost my faith in hares?

Doubted their existence?

But still they live and move and have their being,

dancing through their days,

in muscular movement

and studied stillness.

I saw a hare on Tuesday.




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