Rhythm for Living – working inside out

Rhythm for Living …

…somehow the phrase always makes me think of Baloo the Bear in Jungle Book encouraging Bagheera the dignified panther to “Get with the beat!”  whilst introducing Mowgli to the “bare necessities”.  Maybe that’s not such a bad image to have in mind as we seek here in the Strathclyde Methodist Circuit for that “rhythm for living” which we hope will catch us up and somehow help us to be in tune with the heartbeat of God.  (For a wonderful example of infectious evangelism, spend a couple of minutes watching the clip of another of those great Jungle Book songs,I wanna be like youwhere Baloo just cannot resist the rhythm of the King of the Swingers!  Isn’t that what it’s all supposed to be like?!)

On Saturday around 35 folk from across the circuit came together to “get with the beat”.  We met in the university chaplaincy – a brilliant facility – and worshipped, buzzed, studied, prayed, thought, ate and chatted together.  What was so noticeable – and so refreshing – was the feeling that everyone wanted to go deeper; not to scratch the surface, but to scratch an inner itch, to discover, or re-discover a kind of discipleship which would affect the whole of life, but would still be as natural as breathing – that most basic rhythm of all.  Watch this space as we see where this might lead us next…

Jill's visit
The following day, Andrew and I were privileged to receive Dr. Jill Barber into our home for part of her Vice-Presidential visit to the Methodist Church in Scotland.   Having known Jill and Peter for some years we have been thrilled to follow her travels around the Connexion, bringing such enthusiasm and hope, along with her timely expertise in heritage and mission.  Yesterday she met with three small groups of people across the circuit – at a new church building in Kilsyth, at our “basement church” in Anniesland where we had lunch together (see photo) and in the evening over dinner at our home  with the circuit leadership team.  In each place Jill listened and probed, encouraged and sympathised, inspired and blessed.

The beat goes on…



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