A week is a long time…

“A week is a long time…

…in politics” was, I think, first said by Harold Wilson (who was born 100 years ago this week, as it happens).  I think a week can also feel a very long time in Methodism at this time of year – so many meetings seem to take place around now – and when Easter is early, like this year, and it is Lent as well the diary soon fills up!  Thoughts and prayers with all friends who are struggling to fit it all in – I well remember Andrew’s first Lent as a student minister, when he had a series of brown envelopes on his desk, one for each of the services/assemblies/meetings/talks he was involved with in Holy Week, so that when ideas came to him he could drop them into the relevant collection!

Perhaps it is not inappropriate – the fortnight before the first Easter (what we now call Passion-tide) was an eventful time for Jesus and the disciples as the journey moved inexorably towards the cross.   This morning in worship at Clydebank and then Anniesland Andrew used a simple cross made from our Christmas tree to  focus our thouLent crossghts and to make links between the birth and the death of Jesus.

xlvi. Tabgha cross (& hyrax)I’m sure that anyone who has been to Israel/Palestine will also find, as I do, that images from the holy sites come to mind time and time again as we sing the hymns and hear the passages which tell of those last few weeks of Jesus’ earthly life.  The cross on the left is another simple one, situated at Tabgha on the shore of Lake Galilee, at a site believed to be where the feeding of the 5,000 took place.  In November the MWiB pilgrims shared in communion there, joined throughout by the peaceful Rock Hyrax asleep at the foot of the cross!  (By the way, if you haven’t been to the new MWiB website yet – do click on the link and have a look!)

I did a bit of journeying myself this past week – as (apparently) a “frequent and valued” customer of a certain rail company, they gave me a free first class return ticket to London – and on Thursday and Friday I very much enjoyed my two six-hour journeys (I had to go via Edinburgh in order to qualify as it was a railway company which serves the eastern half of the UK!) with free newspapers, lots of space and frequent food and drink.  How can I ever go back to standard class travel… ?  Which, as one of the two friends I spent an even more enjoyable day with in London commented, is probably the point of the exercise – no such thing as a free train ride?!  Jill


2 thoughts on “A week is a long time…

  1. Agree We were very much thinking how much the trip to the Land of the Holy One has influenced our thoughts. Thursday, I am speaking at our West Church senior fellowship group and have chosen ‘The Sounds of Holy Week’ but amplified I hope with smells and thoughts from our Jerusalem visit!
    Love train journeys so ‘envy’ you your trip.

    Love to both,
    Have a blessed Easter

    Jim and Olive


  2. Fred and I are really looking forward to our first visit to the Holy Land in May. We’ll be going with others from our District, led by John and Ivor.
    Thanks for your blogs, it’s a good way to keep in touch. Love and blessings, Jean.x.

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