Three in one (in forty-nine)

Three in One…

…sounds more like a blog for the eve of Trinity Sunday than Palm Sunday, but I feel excited about a little garden scheme which is progressing so here goes!  Moving to Scotland, I felt I wanted to create something in the garden to mark the Celtic heritage of this land.  Back in the autumn I dug a circular bed out of the lawn, leaving the winter frosts to do their work on the impacted soil, and today I have taken the next step…Trinity Garden

In case you can’t tell (!) it’s based on the Celtic symbol for the Trinity (laid out first on the soil with a single piece of rope then marked out with stones which we have dug up) and I’m hoping that eventually the green/yellow/white bits of background will set off the purple/pink/red sections – all centred around a Deutzia shrub.  Time will tell!  (The 49 refers to the number of plants… and still so much soil showing!)

The plant of the weekend is really the palm, of course, and I have been leaving notes on the front door all week for the postman to leave my parcel of palm crosses – ordered much too late on Monday – in the porch… but despite paying the 1st class postage rate, they still haven’t arrived!  I was about to sit down and try to make some out of purple cardboard (the best material I had to hand) when Andrew returned from afternoon tea at another church in the circuit bearing a bundle of crosses, enough for his and my services tomorrow morning!  Hosanna!

So we prepare to enter Holy Week – and perhaps it is not inappropriate after all to reflect on the interplay between the three persons of the Trinity as we recall the events of the Passion – on Good Friday many of us will hear the words of Jesus from the cross, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”   God the three-in-one walks with us this week, Jill


3 thoughts on “Three in one (in forty-nine)

  1. Will be interesting to see how this develops over the warmer months. So glad you got your Crosses . Just wish the weather would warm up.

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