Thanks Peter God

“Thanks Peter God” needs a bit of explaining… but I’m not going to do that here I’m afraid!  It is the title I have given to a book which has just been published by “Church in the Market Place Publications”.   The book tells the all-too-short story of the life of Peter, our son who took his own life in July 2012 a few months before his 19th birthday.

TPG cover

  • Within only a few weeks of Peter’s death the idea of writing about his life was deeply embedded within me, and I drafted part of one chapter (“Shoes”) when the grief was still very raw .
  • One Christmas I chanced upon the letters I had written to my parents from the Caribbean, one of which included the phrase “Peter is an enigma to me” and again I felt the compulsion to make some sort of record of his life; to go on a journey which, I knew, would be painful, but also joyful.
  • When the Thames Valley Circuit gave Andrew two months leave in May-June last year, I knew this was the time to set to work in earnest.
  • I am so thankful for that space which enabled me to put my memories, along with the tributes and stories told by others, alongside extracts from my own journals and letters and Peter’s own writings, into some sort of order and tell the story.

Now the book is on sale*… and it feels a bit strange to know that people are reading all sorts of details about our family life… but lovely too that Peter is remembered and some of what he brought to life can live on.  Thanks Peter God.


The book is available directly from us (£11.99 inc p&p) or from the Methodist Book Centre, Gitana Street, Stoke-on-Trent, who have an online service at


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