Three in One

Three in One and One in Three…

Trinity Sunday today – a date preachers often used to block for fear of having to write a sermon on this mysterious doctrine of a God who is both One and Three.  I shared in worship with a small congregation at Clydebank Methodist Church this morning and, amongst other things, talked of tricycles, electric plugs and 3-in-one oil… (I was tempted to offer anointing with that at the end of the service, but refrained).  Today’s reading from Proverbs is one I always find exciting – if mystifying – as we recognise the community in God right from the very beginning (and even before).

I hope some of it made sense… possibly not, as it had been a very short night for me; after a very exciting few days of MWiB events, first in Epworth and then in London, I reached home at about 00:30 this morning.  You can read more about the occasions I attended on the MWiB blog!  Two extremely worthwhile days, celebrating our story, and re-committing ourselves to a passion for global social justice – all done in a creative and refreshing way.

Back home, there has been sunshine and showers, so the garden is growing rapidly, especially the weeds. Today seems an appropriate day to give an update on the Celtic Trinity Knot garden; it has filled out a bit since I first introduced it.  I’m not sure if you will be able to spot the shape of the ancient symbol but, like the Trinity itself, just because it’s not obvious, doesn’t mean it’s not real!  Jill

Trinity garden 2


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