“Old” friends!

“Old” friends…

It’s been a real delight this weekend (amidst other activities) to have Rachel staying here.  She has been busy too, involved in a student weekend in Glasgow run by SCM for whom Rachel now works.  We have been musing on “how did we get to 2016?”… for our journeys have been side by side for much of the past five years.


In 2011, when Methodist Women in Britain was launched, I began as the new president as Rachel was appointed as the Helen Kim Scholar… a role designed to keep the movement in touch with the thoughts and needs of younger women.  Rachel did this superbly and we have shared much over those years – and made many other close friends too.  So it has been particularly good to see her this weekend, when the MWiB Forum has been meeting at Swanwick – the first time since May 2011 that Rachel has not been there.  (She is now replaced by another excellent Rachel – you can read more about here here.) We have remembered them in our thoughts, talking and prayers.

So, we have had some moments to recall our past journeys as we both set off on new ones – Rachel goes back to Manchester later today to continue her new role; after preaching in Glasgow this morning I catch a train to Yorkshire, then Hertfordshire, London and Norway – more of that next time!



3 thoughts on ““Old” friends!

  1. Good to read about Rachel and her new role with SCM, especially as I was President of SCM in my final year at Southlands -lots of good memories still. Pleased to read its still active after 50+years.


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