Is Autumn always like this?

I want to let you into a secret . . . this October in Scotland has been quite special.  The light, the colours have been stunning.  I want to give thanks.  I want to offer praise to the God who is the Source of life and light.  As that praise wells up I find myself skipping down the canal path or whistling a harvest song in the car as I am driving.  God is doing God’s stuff again – for another year.  I seem to find it surprising and refreshing all over again.  That rowan tree in the garden . . . wow.20161021_115059

Jill is away in Noway at the moment, so I had my day off on my own.  Ben Lawers was beckoning in the morning sunshine, so I was first into the car park and scrambled over the ice to reach the summit before anyone else.  I was astonished to be caught up in this remarkable creation, absorbed by the challenge to connect with the Creator.


This Creator is still in the business of the rhythm of life.  A new beginning.  A new energy.  Peacemakers in Aleppo, tap into that energy, that life.  Rescue workers in Haiti, tap into that energy, that life.  We need that creative energy to be released in all the messiness of our lives.     Peace, autumn peace.      Andrew




6 thoughts on “Is Autumn always like this?

  1. How wonderful to arrive back at the Conference hotel tonight here in Fredrikstad, Norway and be able to see photos of my own garden and the mountains of Scotland… as well as reading that all is well at home! Peace is received and shared here in another land of mountains and mists , Jill


  2. Autumn makes me wish I could paint – capturing that vibrancy on canvas. Definitely my favourite season with its nippy mornings, mists and sunny days, and I have just been bowled over by the reds, burgundies, pinks, olives, oranges, yellows and browns of New England in the Fall. Impossible to capture on camera. It was almost too much – God is an extravagant creator! Connie


  3. Colours are a magnificent shout of our Creator’s majesty and Power as are those mountain top views. Thank you, Andrew, for posting pictures that I can enjoy while reading my paper and watching the Test Match!
    Love and safe travel to both. Jim and Olive

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  4. Thank you Andrew for sharing awe and wonder – and a resounding Amen: our world needs the Prince of Peace and Glory!


  5. Thanks Andrew, we’ve just returned from a few days in Devon. The autumn colours were vibrant there too; the sun shone and warmed us as we enjoyed coastal walks. Praise be to God for His wonderful creation. I was singing ‘Yes God is good’.

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