Mangoes and meringues

Mangoes and meringues

20161114_092027It’s been great to have our friends Alison and Les staying over the past few days.  Alison and I have been involved together in the Methodist women’s movement for over a decade, but in fact the relationship between the four of us also has another strand.  For some years after we returned from the Caribbean, Andrew chaired the selection panel for Methodist Mission Partners, so he was partly responsible for sending Alison and Les to Barbados for a couple of years!

Last night, after several days exploring Glasgow and further afield, our conversation around the log burner turned to those days.  Although we were never overseas together, we all served in the South Caribbean District of the Methodist Church so we have friends and acquaintances in common and have shared many of the same joys and frustrations of West Indian life!  Some of the stories we related are incidents I have not thought about for years and years (like losing my temper with an airport official in 1995 as we tried to leave Synod in St Lucia after a challenging time there… travelling with two small children and a husband in a wheelchair (having broken his foot) didn’t bring out my better nature I’m afraid!)  It is good to remember – sometimes it can be painful, but so often healing too, and to share memories with friends who accept, support and (where necessary) forgive is particularly restorative.

20161112_151342Some memory-sharing took place on Saturday too, when we met up with Kathleen over meringues in Glasgow’s famous Willow Tea Rooms.  Alison, Kathleen and I have shared so many experiences in the past… and are all past or present officers of the WFMUCW (me as a humble unit president, Kathleen as an Area Vice-President and now Alison as World President!  But the others graciously do not pull rank – and it was really good to be together.)  Andrew had escaped this reunion by going to the rugby in Murrayfield (“Scotland were robbed”) but Les was patiently in attendance – and took the photos!

So, as this month of remembrance rolls on, I give thanks for memories, people to share them with, and the odd sweet treat too! Jill


3 thoughts on “Mangoes and meringues

  1. No apparent end to the Baker’s ‘adventures’ it seems. I trust Andrew was extremely loud in support of his adopted country! What a privilege to have met in the Land of the Holy One, two such interesting and ‘talented’ people.
    Are you any nearer in your ‘breathless schedule’ finding time for a visit (prolonged!) to Sunny Dunny. We would love to entertain you.
    Thanks again for sharing ‘The Adventure’ in your blog.

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