Lo, he comes

Lo, he comes

In the wonderful rhythm of the church’s year, with its passage through light and shade, high points and low points, drama and routine, I always look forward to Advent Sunday.  It is a day so full of longing and expectation that every year I find myself filled with restless energy.  The Advent call to “Keep awake” seems easier to heed than in “ordinary time”.

I am not preaching today (Andrew is taking four services!) so will be walking to Anniesland Methodist Church later this morning.  The pavements appear to be frost-free for the first time in over a week.  I am hoping we might sing Charles Wesley’s great Advent hymn, “Lo, he comes with clouds descending” but, if not, I can sing it as I walk home!

Clouds, descending, ascending and lying motionless, played their part in the weather we experienced last week.  Andrew took his “quarter days” (another gift of the wonderful Methodist rhythm) and we spent them at our little Highland cottage.  What a week!  Snow all around and brilliant sunshine.  We walked and climbed in the short, but bright, hours of daylight, then read and prepared material in the long, dark evenings.

Last Monday we found ourselves above a block of cloud which settled in the Dochart Valley – whilst we walked in radiant light, the village lay in gloom.

20161121_091147 More words of Wesley come to mind; “Visit then this soul of mine; pierce the gloom of sin and grief; fill me, radiancy divine; scatter all my unbelief; more and more thyself display, shining to the perfect day.” – a great Advent prayer. (Christ, whose glory fills the skies v3)

It is also my happy task to have written this week’s A Word in Time daily bible notes on the Methodist Church website; you can find them here.

Some more photos from a week of wonder and awe follow.  May wonder and awe be yours this Advent as we all pray for the light of Christ to pierce the gloom which lies over so many parts of God’s world this morning.  Jill






4 thoughts on “Lo, he comes

  1. Thank you for the beautiful photographs.
    We started / ended the Advent season last night! as we recorded the BBC Watch-night Service at St Mary’s, Haddington; sounds wonderful musically and quite moving.
    I always enjoy the candle lighting part of Advent, including the ‘excitement’ of starting to light our Advent Candle each morning.
    With love to both.

    Jim and Olive

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  2. How beautiful were the photos you posted! Indeed the whole blog was uplifting and provided a great start to Advent for me. With much thanks and love.Hyacinth

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  3. As with Hyacinth, a joy and inspiration to read and look at Jill’s words and pictures. Wake up all of us to a world of beauty but in great pain. May we all contribute to peace and change. Love Sue

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