Send down the rain

Send down the rain…

It is not often that Scotland is longing for rain but we have had a series of very dry and warm weeks (our friends who stayed with us during the past week were impressed if surprised by Glasgow weather!)  So everyone was glad when the heavens opened yesterday.  Yes, even though they opened as I was making my way home from our local station (after a good time in Edinburgh with the Methodist Women of Scotland) and I was soaked to the skin – having to pour the water out of my shoes when I reached home – I was still glad!  For all involved in food production (and therefore all who eat) it was a welcome downpour.

The sun is shining again today and the garden looks refreshed, with new flowers showing themselves daily.  I was so excited at the beginning of the week to return from time on the road to see my  Himalayan Poppies (Meconopsis) blooming.  I remember my beloved Uncle Bob, a professional gardener, telling me about these extraordinary plants decades ago and I have attempted to grow them in most of our manse gardens with no success.  Scotland (usually) offers just the cool, damp climate they love, so last year I planted hopefully, but the slugs did their damage.  With stronger roots and a year’s encouragement this year has finally brought a good display!

If we were to award a “most improved plant” certificate in the garden, it would have to go the tiny tree we affectionately refer to as our “special needs Acer”.  Bought half-price in Slough seven years ago as a pathetic stick in a pot, it just about stayed alive in the dry south-east, but is also responding well to Scottish soil, air and water.  Yes, it has a way to go before it will win any other certificates, but gentle words of encouragement every day seem to be having an effect.

In case anyone is wondering what became of the Celtic “Trinity” garden which I planted when we first moved here I include a photo of that as well…  The original intention was to have three purple “petals” against a lime green/yellow/white background, but some of the purple plants flowered lime green and some of the green plants flowered purple… there’s probably a sermon there somewhere about the nature of the Trinity!

Today I have to bid farewell to the garden for another week as I will be on the road shortly, first to Wolverhampton and tomorrow to Selly Oak to lead the MHA chaplains in their retreat, before a couple of days in London at the end of the week.  With a little more rain, I’m sure the dandelions will be putting on a wonderful display by the time I return!  Jill


6 thoughts on “Send down the rain

  1. So glad you realise the ‘benefits’ of Bonny Scotland!
    Congratulations on Mecanopsis and Trinity Garden.
    My success this year is bottom layers of hanging baskets with new ‘technique’!

    No let up to your travels, how is Andrew surviving?
    We are off to Tuscany at the end of the month for a week and looking forward to that.

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  2. What can I say except ‘beautiful’. I love the special needs Acer which must be like our clematis published on FB recently

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  3. Lovely to read your blog as always. Plants, gardens, birds, trees….all so brilliant this time of year. I threatened David that we should camp in our garden(small!), from May to September!! God is so there…

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