I’ll go (in the strength of the Lord)

I’ll go (in the strength of the Lord)

Shortly before I left home yesterday morning to preach at New Stevenston Methodist Church in Motherwell, the television news showed Theresa and Philip May also going to church.  This made me pause and wonder what I would want to preach if I thought they were going to be in my congregation!  Somewhere in Berkshire there was a preacher who had that opportunity… and I wonder very much how he/she used it!

Of course yesterday was also Trinity Sunday and so I further wondered whether there was anything particular in that doctrine, which speaks of unity, diversity, equality and respect all held together by love, which might have special significance to our current chaotic political scenario?!  We are living in “interesting times” (and I am still holding out hope of seeing Jeremy Corbyn in number 10).

Earlier last week – in those pre-election days of which Theresa May must dream – I spent three days in London in a variety of meetings in preparation for the Methodist Conference 2017, which, everyone tells me, is approaching rapidly (as if I didn’t know!) Most of these meetings were in conjunction with Rev. Loraine Mellor, who will become President, as I become Vice-President, on 24th June.

It has been great getting to know Loraine better over this past year and we are excited about working together and about being only the third all-female team in the church’s history.  Amongst other things we underwent excellent training in radio and TV interviews (offered through the  Church of England), met with the communications and media office of our own church, worked with the Secretary of Conference on the contents of the agenda and then (while Loraine went off to see “Take That” at the O2 arena!) I met with the Methodist relief and development charity, All We Can for a briefing about the visit they are organising for me in August to Ethiopia… There are a lot of fascinating, exciting and downright terrifying experiences ahead!

Yesterday evening I was singing with the band at a circuit service held in the East End of Glasgow.  We have a great circuit band and I love joining them when I am around.  We finished the service with a rousing rendition of the old Salvation Army song “I’ll go in the strength of the Lord” which did much to encourage me into the year ahead and, as we sang the chorus, with its repeated words “I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go…” I did wonder, with a smile, whether that had been chosen for the morning service in a certain church in Berkshire!  Jill


7 thoughts on “I’ll go (in the strength of the Lord)

  1. Praying for that strength in abundance Jill, as you embrace the high paths on this significant stage of your Pilgrim Way. Well done!


  2. I remember you from S.Korea in 2006 Jill. Best wishes on your amazing achievement of being our next vice president. Ethiopia will really open your eyes, I was there with Compassion in 2009. God bless you in all you do.


  3. You and Andrew have always given a wonderful example of how you ‘go in the strength of the Lord’. May this continue. With our blessings to you both, Jean and Fred


  4. Dear Jill,

    Once again a most interesting ‘North of the Border.’ You talked about our chaotic political scenario and indeed it is. You can’t help wondering how it will turn out but I am greatly relieved that Theresa May did not get the thumping majority that she was seeking.

    As I write this( on holiday) I can hardly imagine

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Dear Jill
    You will have received a half finished email from me. I am not sure what gremlin took over but
    it did!
    I was just saying how unimaginable must be the anguish of families who have lost loved ones in the West London Fire. So many human tragedies so close to home of late.

    I was intending to write anyhow to wish you well as you start your very significant role as Vice President in just a week’s time. It will be an exciting, challenging time for you.
    I always remember you on 30th month when we pray for Scotland in the Methodist Prayer Handbook and I will continue to do so.

    Go indeed in ‘the strength of the Lord’ and may you and Lorraine work in harmony together.
    With love,

    Sent from http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-39439807my iPad


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