Another day, another departure

Another day, another departure

Having spent quite a significant part of today trying to get to grips with new IT challenges, it feels happily familiar to come back to “North of the border” – even if I am really South of the border again tonight!

I am having a week on the road – Glasgow to Wolverhampton to Moreton-on-Marsh to London to Southampton then back to Scotland, via London again, next Monday.  I discover I have broken all my own pilgrimage rules about travelling light and am lugging around far too much luggage!  After a walk through pouring rain in London on Tuesday night (when it was a sunny evening in Scotland apparently!) the whole lot needed drying in a friendly airing cupboard.

It has been a varied week already; a happy time meeting up with my sister, cousins and my soon-to-be-90 aunt in the Cotswolds on Tuesday; a day of admin and an interview on Premiere Christian Radio yesterday (the last few minutes of which is available on a podcast) and a day in Methodist Church House today with meetings on the hour every hour covering all sorts of aspects of the VP role.

One of these meetings was with the ever-patient website manager who gave me further guidance in contributing to the “President and Vice-President” blogsite and Facebook page.  (This was, in part, the reason for my luggage being so heavy as I had brought my laptop, tablet and phone along in the hope of being trained in all of these!)  Some progress was made (you can see the results, reporting on my visit last Saturday to Pauline Webb’s Memorial Service, here) but there is still a way to go…

And tomorrow… something completely different… hopefully all will be revealed via some sort of electronic media in due course!



One thought on “Another day, another departure

  1. You are an endless source of ‘inspiration’
    Thank you for all you do for the master PLUS sharing it to allow two (well one I shouldn’t speak for Olive) old codgers to walk the walk with you.


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