From Ethiopian Highlands to Scottish Lowlands

From Ethiopian Highlands to Scottish Lowlands

I know this blog has been silent for a few weeks… apologies for that.  In these three weeks I have been in four countries; Scotland, England, the Isle of Man and Ethiopia!  More of these travels can be found on two Methodist sites, the blog and the facebook page – do try the links and catch up there with some of the humbling and inspiring experiences of these visits.  I still have so much on which to reflect and so much to process and (ultimately I hope) to share…

I had no idea Ethiopia is so beautiful!  It is, of course, a huge country and I saw only a small part – within the Highland region.  I spoke to our hosts about the Scottish Highlands and they were much amused to discover that our Highlands are lower than their Lowlands!  High up in the mountains (we reached around 3,000 metres, the highest I have ever been) the air was thin and my breathing affected.  As the grandeur of the mountains stunned me, I was also struck by the holiness and majesty of such sights.  What a world God has created!

The day after my return from Ethiopia, Andrew and I set off for the Scottish Lowlands for a few days of continued pilgrimage exploration around Whithorn and the Isle of Whithorn – the final destination for the Scottish pilgrimage on which I am still working.  We had two great days of walking – one in hot sunshine, one in rain and high winds along the cliffs from St. Ninian’s Cave back to the Isle of Whithorn.  It was a special time, blessed by the sense of history and faith which surrounded us in some of these, very different, “thin places”.

I am thankful to God this morning for safe travelling and life-changing experiences (and also thankful that our local Methodist Church, to which I am about to set off, doesn’t meet at 5:30am as last Sunday’s Ethiopian Orthodox service did!)

Blessings, Jill




One thought on “From Ethiopian Highlands to Scottish Lowlands

  1. Thank you for ‘news’
    Surprised by pictures from Ethiopia – it is always good to learn.
    Hope you had a good day.
    we visited a church In Edinburgh, followed by Book Festival (Runcimand of Grantchester) and Soweto Choir.

    Good day.

    Blessings to both.

    Jim and Olive


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